New! THE BACKLIST, a Crime Novel by Frank Zafiro and Eric Beetner


THE BACKLIST, a new crime novel by Frank Zafiro and Eric Beetner, is published today by Down & Out Books. With sharply written narrative alternating between two contract players tracking down overdue accounts for the mob, Gary Phillips, author of Hollis P.I., calls this darkly comic tale “a fast paced read that keeps you grinning and aghast from page to page.”

The Backlist is available in trade paperback and ebook formats.

About The Backlist

When the mob finds itself on hard times and has to lay people off, the boss decides to give two different hitters separate lists of “overdue accounts” — a backlist — to see who distinguishes themselves enough to remain on the payroll.

The sharp-tongued Bricks and the hapless, eager to please Cam find themselves faced with challenges they never imagined when they got into the business.

But there’s no other choice than to settle out the names on…The Backlist.

Praise for The Backlist

“Zafiro and Beetner partnering up is as sure a bet you’re going to get. The Backlist was a must read for me, and it should be on the top of your list, too. Bricks and Cameron are going to light you up!”

— Jim Wilsky, author of Blood on Blood, Queen of Diamonds and Closing the Circle

“Warning: Prepare to become oxygen-deprived when reading Eric Beetner’s and Frank Zafiro’s tag-team masterpiece, The Backlist…from holding your breath on just about every page. Before you begin, make sure you’re in tip-top physical shape. Prepare to get blisters on your fingers and papercuts from turning pages — this is breakneck warp-speed cinema, that twist within twist kind of plot that snaps necks. Some readers will end up in the ER…”

— Les Edgerton, The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping, The Rapist, The Bitch and others

“Wry, dark-humored, a trip down the rabbit hole of killers with more smarts than healthy and a competition so fierce it’ll make your knees buckle. The Backlist is a fast-paced read that keeps you grinning and aghast from page to page.”

— Gary Phillips, author of Hollis, P.I.

Meet the authors …

ERIC BEETNER writes hardboiled crime fiction. A lot of it, with more to come. Many folks have said nice things about his books. He’s won a few awards like the 2012 Stalker award for Most Criminally Underrated author. He lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts the Noir At The Bar reading series. To learn more visit

FRANK ZAFIRO was a police officer from 1993 to 2013. He is the author of numerous crime novels. In addition to writing, Frank is an avid hockey fan and a tortured guitarist. He lives in Chattaroy, Washington. You can keep up with him at