Squawk 7500 by Captain Will Smith




The True Story of a Pilot Hijacked by the North Carolina Justice System

Wife and two kids—the loves of your life. Flying airplanes—your passion became your job.  Your life is wonderful.  You’re the happiest you’ve ever been.

But your wife leaves with the kids. Then a few days after 9/11, the airline lays you off. A month later you have consensual sex with someone you know.  A few months later she calls out of the blue to ask why you took advantage of her.  By January, you’ve got a detective on your front porch saying you’ve been accused of rape.

You fight in court but find the enemy isn’t the accuser; it’s the judge and the state of North Carolina.  You lose. Your life as you know it has been hijacked; you squawk 7500 but wake up and discover the highjacking is real…twenty-six challenging months in prison real.

But your upbringing doesn’t allow you to give up hope. Your family and friends don’t allow you to give up hope. By working together, you find a way to make other people see the truth in your squawk 7500.

My name is Will Smith.  And this is my story of redemption from the prison system and corrupted justice system.

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Signed by Will Smith

“I am somebody, I will strive and I will persevere, because I am somebody.”

—Dr. Martin Luther King