Crimespree Magazine #60 is now available


The 60th issue of Crimespree Magazine is here!  The feature piece is an interview of Sean Chercover by Dan & Kate Malmon. Other interviews include Linda Fairstein is grilled by Jon Jordan, Gerald So takes on Ace Atkins, while Elise Cooper interviews John Sanford and Joseph Kanon.

Fiction is brought to you by Anna Sykora. Patti Abbott explains why she writes such dark fiction while Rob Hart talks about New York. Stephen Hunter takes you behind the book. And Ruth Jordan writes about her friend Jeff Tindall.

And the usual suspects are included for your enjoyment: Reed Farrel Coleman (for the final time—say it ain’t so, Reed!), Linda Brown, Craig McDonald and Ayo Onatade. Buzzbin, Book Reviews, Crimespree on Comics and Cooking with Crimespree appear as well.

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