Now Available: The Shill, a Tale of Deception by John Shepphird

The Shill by John Shepphird

Today is the publication date for THE SHILL, a tale of deception inspired by noir master James M. Cain and the first in a trilogy of crime capers by John Shepphird. The book is available in trade paperback and ebook formats from all major retailers. (Here is a link to the Kindle version.)

The storyline is centered on struggling actress Jane Innes, who is seduced by a handsome new arrival in her acting class. He makes a proposition. He admits he’s a con man and needs Jane to pose as a rich, carefree heiress to fulfill her part in his intricate scam. All goes as planned until Jane’s true identity threatens to surface and their scheme begins to crack at the seams.

It all leads to a tangled maze of deception, depravity and murder.

Indie film writer/director John Shepphird is the Shamus Award-winning author of the short story “Ghost Negligence”.