Ryan Sayles Signs Two Book Deal with Down & Out Books

Author Ryan Sayles has signed a two-book deal with Down & Out Books for his first two hardboiled detective novels featuring PI Richard Dean Buckner, The Subtle Art of Brutality and Warpath.

“We are thrilled to be publishing Ryan’s books,” said Eric Campbell, Publisher, Down & Out Books. “His sharply defined characters and noir style of storytelling is a perfect fit for us.”

“I am excited that Down & Out Books will be publishing my PI novels, and exposing Buckner to a new audience of hardboiled crime fiction readers,” added Sayles.

Ryan Sayles was awarded Dead End Follies’ best newly discovered talent of 2013. The House of Mystery and Fiction also nominated Two Bullets Solve Everything, a crime split he wrote with author Chris Rhatigan and featuring a Buckner story, for best indie publication in 2014. Sayles has over two dozen short stories online, in print and in anthologies, including Trouble in the Heartland, a short story anthology based on the music of Bruce Springsteen. He is a founding member of Zelmer Pulp and a fulltime police officer in the Midwest.

Down & Out Books will reissue The Subtle Art of Brutality in July 2015, with Warpath debuting in October, 2015. Both books will be available in trade paperback and ebook formats.

About the books:

The Subtle Art of Brutality was originally published in 2012 by Snubnose Press and features private detective Richard Dean Buckner. Buckner is hired to find a missing woman by her surrogate father, who blames himself for her disappearance after a fight. What Buckner finds leading to the woman is a string of dead bodies, two of her ex-boyfriends who destroyed their lives because of her, a drug dealer she burned for thousands and an arsonist trying to catch up with her before Buckner does. The Subtle Art of Brutality was nominated by The House of Mystery and Fiction as top indie publication in 2012.

Warpath again features Buckner as he is hired by a real estate mogul to look into a twenty-year-old cold case where the mogul’s wife was assaulted and eventually died. Buckner knows the mogul is lying to him about something, but by the time he gets the whole picture he’s squaring off against a revenge-bent serial rapist. Meanwhile, Buckner’s former homicide partner Graham Clevenger calls Buckner and tells him his grandmother was just killed in a drive-by gone wrong. Buckner manages to locate the gang firing the shots, only to start a war with them. Both cases careen along until they collide headfirst, with Buckner in the middle.

Down & Out Books, an indie-publisher based in Tampa, FL, has been serving up the best crime fiction since 2011.

To obtain a galley version (PDF, mobi, epub) for review, or to coordinate an interview with Ryan, contact Christy@DownAndOutBooks.com.

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