Jack Getze’s BIG MONEY

The stock broker you love to hate, Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00023]Austin Carr, is back for a second crazy adventure.  What kind of shenanigans will he step into this time?

I’m glad you asked:  THREE WOMEN WANT HIM DEAD!!!

Left in charge of a one-office Jersey Shore investment firm, suspended stockbroker Austin Carr becomes the prize in a war between two crime crews and a powerful state investigator. Trying to stay alive with mobsters, beautiful cops, and a hit-man he calls the creeper chasing him, Carr stumbles into the secret lives of three desperate women. One becomes a victim, one a murderer. And Carr is her next victim…

Kirkus says, “In this jaunty follow-up to BIG NUMBERS, a scruffy stockbroker returns to tangle with mobsters, women and his own big mouth.

“The good news, as the story opens, is that the hero is in the company of a gorgeous naked lady. The bad news is that she’s pointing a shotgun at him. It’s a typical predicament for Austin Carr, a semi-shady New Jersey financial professional temporarily in charge of Shore Securities while his boss is on vacation…

“Carr is continually getting into trouble over his weakness for breasts, his penchant for self-incriminating statements and his vestigial moral sensibility, which, like an appendix, makes itself felt at inconvenient times.

“The way to read this book is to … relax and enjoy Getze’s punchy dialogue and colorful characters–Bluefish’s henchman Max is an especially pungent creation–and his hilarious hangdog protagonist’s dissolute charm.

“If Elmore Leonard had gotten a securities license, this is the book he might have written.”

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