Crimespree Magazine’s 50th Issue Released!!!


We have reach an important milestone in history: The 50th issue of Crimespree Magazine.

This is a special anniversary issue, indeed. Not only is Robert Crais on the cover, but he is also this issues featured interview. Additionally, Mark Billingham turns the tables and interviews none other than Crimespree Magazine editors, Jon and Ruth Jordan. That’s not all; there are six additional interviews crammed into the issue.

Steve Newman supplies the short story this time around. There’s a great Footprints piece on Lawrence Block while Rhys Bowen delivers Behind the Book.

Yep, the usual suspects join the celebration as well: Reed Farrel Coleman, Linda Brown, Craig McDonald, Jeremy Lynch, Ayo Onatade, Jen Forbus, Bryan VanMeter, Amy Alessio and Kate & Dan Malmon. Naturally, Buzzbin, Book Reviews, Crimespree On Comics and Cooking with Crimespree are sprinkled throughout.

Available for: KINDLE | NOOK