Now availalbe: The Devil and the Diva by David Housewright and Renee Valois

When pop diva Sheila Lews dies under puzzling circumstances, Clarisse Dufresne is approached by agents of a shadowy international crime syndicate with a proposition–“What if, after a period of time, say five years–yeah, make it five years–it was discovered that Sheila had left behind some unmixed tracks, songs she had been working on before she died but didn’t release? What do you think a find like that would be worth?”

Clarisse refuses to participate in the fraud and is rescued by a mysterious man named Maurice Crevier, who conceals both his face and his intentions behind a black, obsidian mask. But the savior soon becomes Clarisse’s tormentor when she learns that she is not his guest as he professes, but his prisoner.

Despite it all–and against her better judgment–Clarisse feels a growing fascination and affection for her jailer, as well as his odd henchmen–a voodoo-practicing Haitian and a young chef who is haunted by the ghost of her mother. Until a second attempt is made on her life. And a third.

David and Renee have written a great story which is not easily classified. It has mystery, chases, gun battles, murder, sex…we’re calling it a gothic suspense novel.

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