Recap of 2011 and a look into 2012

What a year!

In seven short months, Down and Out Books dropped 15 books by seven authors as well as 13 issues of Crimespree Magazine.

I, for one, cannot believe how much was accomplished. And that’s only the beginning.

2012 is shaping up to be another great year for you Constant Reader. Right out of the gate, we will be dropping 2 titles from Terry Holland, 1 from Trey R. Barker, 1 from Lono Waiwaiole and another back issue combo of Crimespree. All within the next 7 days.

We’ll have brand new, never before published books from J.L. Abramo, Trey R. Barker, Terry Holland, David Housewright and Renee Valois, Bill Moody, Bob Truluck and the list goes on. We will continue to reissue Richard Barre’s books and there are a couple of surprises he is planning for us as well. We are extremely excited about a killer anthology called Scoundrels which is edited by Gary Phillips. Be on the lookout for an update in the next few days about it. A print version will be available in addition to the eBook versions.

Drop me a note to let me know what Bob and I are doing right and what could be improved. What you liked about 2011 and what you’d like to see for 2012. Get the note to me before Friday, January 14 and I’ll put the name in a hat and the winner will receive a kick ass prize. My email is

Whew! Gotta sign off now and catch my breath.