WILEY’S SHUFFLE by Lono Waiwaiole Officially Released as eBook!

In Wiley’s world, violence runs deep and loyalty runs even deeper. So when a prostitute named Miriam gets attached to the wrong guy, Wiley leaves the poker table, grabs his best friend, Leon, and starts looking for a way to shake her loose. Trouble is, the guy is a sociopathic pimp named Dookie who’s on the lucky streak of a lifetime and who is starting to feel invincible.

Their quest takes Wiley and Leon to Vegas and L.A.–plus a few desolate, dangerous sports in between–until they reach a brutal, vicious showdown back on the streets of the Portland they all call home. To Wiley it’s more clear than ever that the only things worth knowing are who’s on your side and who’s got your back. Wiley has emerged as one of the darkest yet most human characters in modern noir fiction, and Lono Waiwaiole has hit his stride in Wiley’s Shuffle, a powerful second novel from a true talent.

Includes sample chapters from Bob Truluck’s Saw Red, Richard Barre’s Bearing Secrets and J.L. Abramo’s Counting to Infinity.


Booklist says:
This is the kind of crime story where you root for one group of shady characters over the other because the first one helps hookers and executes bad guys while the second murders indiscriminately and beats prostitutes for sport. In other words, it’s a read rougher than 16-grit sandpaper. Wiley, an unemployed poker player of Hawaiian extraction and the brightest light in this murky world, considers abandoning such dealings to coach high-school hoops– until unfinished business drags him back into the Portland, Oregon, gutters. This time he’s gunning for Dookie, a stylishly crazy pimp who’s abducted a call girl whom Wiley rescued once before. (The actor Ving Rhames should file a patent-infringement case against Dookie, who takes his thoughtful thug act to a dangerous new level.)
–Frank Sennett Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Author Lee Child hails:
Lono Waiwaiole’s Wiley novels are the past and the future of hardboiled crime fiction…. Buy this book.

You can purchase the Kindle version here and the Nook file here.