Welcome to Down and Out Books!





Welcome to the newest publishing company.  Our focus is to publish killer, hard-boiled, gritty, rough and tumble crime fiction.  PERIOD.  No pansies welcome.

We are pleased to announce we are the eBook publisher of Crimespree Magazine.  After 7 years and 41 issues, the current issues of Crimespree are available (40 and 41).  We’ll make all of them available over the next several months starting with a combo pack of #1 and #2.  We raise our beers to Jon and Ruth for sharing their love and knowledge of the industry with the crime community.  Thank you very much!

So you ask what’s next!  We’re putting together a great line up.  We are speaking with roughly 15 authors right now and have signed the following 5.  Drum roll, please…

–>>  J.L. Abramo – Winner of the 2000 St. Martin’s Press PWA Award for Best First Private Eye Novel with CATCHING WATER IN A NET.  We will also release the 2nd and 3rd Jake Diamond books (CLUTCHING AT STRAWS and COUNTING TO INFINITY).

–>>  Bob Truluck – Winner of the 1999 St. Martin’s Press PWA Award for Best First Private Eye Novel and introducing Duncan Sloan to the world in STREET LEVEL and the followup SAW RED. We will also be releasing THE ART OF REDEMPTION.

–>>  Gary Phillips – THE PERPETRATORS, originally released by Ugly Town, will be issued.  He is also putting together a short story anthology entitled SCOUNDRELS.

–>>  Milton T. Burton – Hot on the heels of his December 2010 NIGHTS OF THE RED MOON, Milton has put together a short story collection called TEXAS NOIR vol. 1.

–>>  Don Herron – Everyone should read Charles Willeford; he was an incredible talent.  We’ve got something special.  In 1997, Dennis McMillan published Don Herron’s WILLEFORD biography.  We are pleased to reissue it.

Does any of this excite you?  The dance card is not full by any means.  Keep checking back for updates and tell us who YOU want to read.