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“[Phillips] paints sharp, cutting scenes…He peppers the action with tight quips, imagining a very true world through a very discerning set of eyes.” —Tim Learn

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In a continuing series of features from our authors, Martin Bodenham talks about why authors should love bad reviews.

Martin Bodenham

With over half a million keystrokes, creating a full-length novel can take the best part of a year—sometimes much longer. Over those many months obsessing over the plot, worrying about character development, and yo-yoing between first person and third person before weeks of ploughing through countless edits and rewrites, our stories become massively precious things. So it’s not hard to understand why we writers can become defensive when feedback comes our way, particularly when our nascent masterpieces are subject to early critique by friends and loved ones.

Then there’s the test we all fret over: the moment when the book goes live and is suddenly out there for the entire world to read and assess. Once a novel is published, most writers I know brace themselves for the early reaction from readers with a mix of excitement and trepidation. We all want readers to love our work, but before the book hits the shelves, there’s no telling whether or not complete strangers who have shelled out hard cash will actually like what we’ve created.

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