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Road Gig: A Novella by Trey R. Barker has just been released | Be A Character Contest

Kinney Fahey has been on the job for six months. He’s not focusing his efforts on the paperwork and it’s gonna bite him…real bad. ROAD GIG is a tight, well-written 19,000 word novella by a great new voice in crime fiction. A short story called BLOOD EVIDENCE, which is a Barefield story, along with an […]

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Quick Hit Q&A: Pamela Samuels Young

Pamela Samuels Young is an award-winning author of five novels and a contributor to Scoundrels: Tales of Greed, Murder and Financial Crimes. Pamela is the latest to share some of her thoughts on crime fiction in this Quick Hit series. Down & Out: How did you start writing? What do you remember as your earliest […]

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A review of The Devil and the Diva

CARE FOR A DOCK TALE? Here it is: my official declaration that “The Devil and the Diva” is the season’s first “dock book,” perfect for reading on a lazy day at the lake, on the cool porch or in a leafy back yard. “The Devil and the Diva” by David Housewright and Renee Valois (Down […]

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Get Crimespree Magazine #46 Mar/Apr before it arrives in your mailbox!

Crimespree #46’s cover feature is none other than Brad Parks. He is interviewed by Jon Jordan. Ayo Onatade talks with Belinda Bauer who won the CWA Gold Dagger in 2010. Scott Montgomery writes about the great Milton T. Burton. Keith Thomson explains how to construct a beer can bazooka (complete with pictures!) and Richard Barre […]

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The 4th Wil Hardesty Mystery is now available as an eBook!

Blackheart Highway By Richard Barre With The Innocents, Bearing Secrets and The Ghosts of Morning, Richard Barre has emerged as “one of the best hard-boiled detective novelists of the ‘90s” (San Francisco Chronicle Book Review). Now, with Blackheart Highway, he takes the genre for the ride of its life. Southern California P.I. Wil Hardesty is […]

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Just Released: Bill Moody’s Czechmate: The Spy Who Played Jazz

The newest book from Bill Moody is now available for purchase as a Trade Paperback and all eBook formats. Following is a brief synopsis: The year is 1968. The liberal reforms of Czechoslovakia’s new leader, Alexander Dubcek, have outraged the Kremlin and now, 250,000 Warsaw Pact forces are amassed on the borders. For American intelligence, […]

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Milton T. Burton’s Bibliography

As many of you know, I was a big fan of Milton’s work. I am proud to say Down & Out Books published his short story collection called Texas Noir. Crimespree Magazine #46 includes a piece written by Scott Montgomery about Milton. It is ‘mighty fine’. The following is a list of his books and […]

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