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Trey R. Barker’s bio has been added to the Authors menu

Trey R. Barker has joined our gang of tough guys. Down and Out Books will be releasing titles from the Barefield series. Up first, 2,000 Miles to Open Road which will be followed by Exit Blood. You can read more about him here.

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Terry Holland has joined the Down & Out Books gang!

Down and Out Books is proud to welcome Terry Holland to the gang! Our great friend, JT Lindroos, pointed Terry to us and we thank him. Terry writes the Harry Pines series of crime adventures, influenced by Robert B. Parker’s Spenser and John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee. Down and Out Books will drop his first […]

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3rd Wiley book by Lono Waiwaiole is available

Wiley is a professional poker player in Portland who keeps vigil on the seedy streets of the city’s darker side. He’s no stranger to violence, but he’s got a good heart and a noble streak that his friends and family know is a mile long. His enemies often see a streak of a different sort, […]

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Crimespree Magazine #7 & 8 Combo Pack

Issues 7 and 8 of Crimespree Magazine (Jul/Aug 2005 and Sep/Oct 2005) are bundled together as an eBook. J.A. Konrath interviews Barry Eisler for the cover feature of issue 7. Two individuals shared the cover feature of issue 8. They are Michael Connelly and William Kent Krueger. Issue 7s includes articles an interview of David […]

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RIP Milton T. Burton

Down And Out Books wishes to convey our sympathies and condolences to the family and many friends of Milton T. Burton who passed this morning. Milton is very special to us; his Texas Noir short story collection was, proudly, D&OB’s first release. A great writer, a true Southern noirist, a gentleman and an absolutely wonderful […]

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