Sep 2014

Five New Titles Coming Soon…

Within the next 60 days, several new titles will be dropping from Down & Out Books. Below is the 4-1-1.

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First up, STINKING RICH by Rob Brunet.

What could possibly go wrong when the backwoods Libidos Motorcycle Club hires a high school dropout to tend a barn full of high-grade marijuana? Plenty, it turns out. In a world where indoor plumbing’s optional and each local wacko is more twisted than the last, drug money draws reprobates like moths to a lantern. From loveable losers to gnarly thugs and law-and-order wannabes, every last one of them has an angle—their best shot at being stinking rich. And with their own warped ideas about right, wrong, and retribution, the Libidos aren’t far behind.

“If Carl Hiaasen were Canadian and enjoyed partaking in a little Class D substance for recreation, then you’d have an idea of what Stinking Rich has for you between its covers.” —Todd Robinson, Anthony-nominated author of The Hard Bounce

Available as an ebook and TP.  Kindle | Nook | Amazon TP | B&N TP




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In the second seat is Les Edgerton’s latest romp fest called THE GENUINE, IMITATION, PLASTIC KIDNAPPING.

A mix of Cajun gumbo, a couple tablespoons of kinky sex and a dash of unusual New Orleans settings and you wind up with Les Edgerton’s latest romp fest! Pete Halliday is busted out of baseball for gambling and travels to New Orleans to make his fortune hustling. Five years later, he’s deep in debt to bookie and in cahoots with Tommy LeClerc, a Cajun with a tiny bit of Indian blood who considers himself a red man. Tommy inveigles a reluctant Pete into one scheme after another, the latest a kidnapping scheme where they’ll snatch the Cajun Mafia King and hold his amputated hand for some serious jack. Along the way, Pete is double-crossed by Tommy and falls in love with part-time hooker and full-time waitress Cat Duplaisir. With both the Italian and Cajun mobs after them, a chase through Jazz Fest, a Tourette’s outbreak in a black bar and other zany adventures, all seems lost. Fans of Christopher Moore and Carl Hiaasen will enjoy this story.

“A hard-driving, relentless story with grab-you-by-the-throat characters.”—Grant Blackwood, New York Times bestselling author

Available for Kindle pre-order

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This October the trade paperback of BITE HARDER, the sequel to HARD BITE, from Anonymous-9 will drop.  The ebook was released by the fellows at Blasted Heath a few weeks back.

Some say he’s a serial killer. Others say he’s a vigilante doing what police can’t or won’t do. What’s certain is that Dean Drayhart, a paraplegic, will soon sit on death row for killing hit-and-run-drivers in Los Angeles. But not if the Mexican Mafia gets hold of him and those he loves first. Dean may be broken in body but his fierce spirit is determined to protect his pet monkey named Sid and girlfriend Cinda—out there running hard and fast from the law. Hardboiled, funny, relentless, and unexpectedly tenderhearted BITE HARDER delivers riotous action all the way to a bombshell climax that could only have been written by Anonymous-9, the self-declared mad scientist of crime fiction.

“Brilliant, brutally funny, so real you can taste it. Starring the finest serial-killing helper monkey in all fiction.” —Douglas Lindsay, author of The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson, soon to be a major motion picture starring Emma Thompson and Robert Carlyle


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Have I “Lost” you yet? Good, because this latest find from Shamus award winner Richard Barre is sheer suspense.  In late October, Barre’s thrilling book,  LOST, will be available as a trade paperback and ebook..


Who hasn’t dreamed it? Lost in today’s siren-scream world, coming apart at the seams, the chance to ditch the pressure and find…yourself. For the fragmenting Metcalfs—long-adrift Ben, world-class sailor Kate, coming-of-age Shay—a friend’s sailboat, warm breezes, and tropical waters is a dream come true. Until the nightmare finds them…

Mr. Barre’s peers have said the following about his books:

“A new Richard Barre novel is reason to break out the champagne. He is… one of the true blue masters of crime fiction.” —Dennis Lehane, bestselling author

“There is a spooky polish rubbed over all of this, onto every surface until it shines. Barre knows what he is doing and this story shows it. Edgar [Allen Poe] would be proud because it ripples with the muscle of less being more.” —Michael Connelly, bestselling author

“Richard Barre touches the soul. He is simply one of the best.” —Harlan Coben, bestselling author

You can pre-order this one for your Kindle right now!


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So everybody hates stockbrokers, right?  Well, you really can’t say that about Austin Carr.  Austin comes from the mind of none other than Jack Getze.  Down & Out Books is finally unleashing the third Austin Carr mystery BIG MOJO on the world in October.


Wall Street’s miasmal garbage washes up on the Jersey Shore when a small time broker falls in love: Is he attracted to the beautiful lady—or her brother’s inside information?  Held spellbound by a steamy, auburn-haired woman with a dubious past and a get-rich-quick, insider trading scheme, Austin Carr knocks down a beehive of bad-acting Bonacellis, including the ill-tempered “Mr. Vic” Bonacelli, who wants his redhead back, and local mob lieutenant Angelina “Mama Bones” Bonacelli, architect of a strange and excruciating death trap for the fast-talking stockbroker she calls smarty pants.   To survive, Austin must unravel threads of jealousy, revenge and new affections, discover the fate of a pseudo ruby called the Big Mojo and slam the lid on a pending United States of America vs. Austin Carr insider trading case. Can Austin and his Jersey Shore mouthpiece possibly out maneuver the savvy U.S. District Attorney from Manhattan? Will anything matter for Austin ever again if Mama Bones flips that switch?

—Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony and Mary Higgins Clark Award winning author of Truth Be Told, is already raving about BIG MOJO.  She says, “Gordon Gekko meets Janet Evanovich in this wry and winning caper—Jack Getze does it again!”

Oh yeah, you can pre-order this guy for you Kindle (surprised?) today!  It will be available as a trade paperback as well as an ebook.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yep, that’s five for your reading enjoyment.

I won’t tell you about the other three I’m working on at the moment.  Those are top secret!


Maybe I’ll let the cat out of the bag soon, though.



We’ll see.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Sep 2014

Dick Moonlight is back in Moonlight Weeps


Down & Out Books is publishing New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Vincent Zandri’s latest fast-paced, grizzly thriller in the Dick Moonlight series, offering readers plenty of wry humor, bullets, car chases, and Scarface references.

Dick Moonlight can’t help himself. Moonlight, the private detective known as the head case with a bullet lodged in his brain, should be grateful for his current job. But when it becomes clear the cash-starved brain surgeon he’s been hired to drive around is protecting his son from a rape conviction, Moonlight is disgusted.

Worse, when the charges turn into a case of “reckless murder,” Moonlight’s the only one trying to keep the kid from the electric chair though the girl—a state senator’s daughter—clearly committed suicide.

Then Moonlight and his unwilling assistant, a fat Elvis impersonator owing him money, stumble into a much bigger plot and are soon dodging Hollywood obsessed drug-running Russian thugs, corrupt government officials, and the specter of Moonlight’s recently diseased girlfriend.

Praise for Zandri’s previous Moonlight books
has been overwhelming positive.

“Sensational…Masterful…Brilliant.”—New York Post

“Gritty, fast-paced, lyrical and haunting.”—Harlan Coben, bestselling author of Six Years

“Tough, stylish, heartbreaking.”—Don Winslow, bestselling author of Savages

“Vincent Zandri nails reader’s attention.”—Boston Herald

“Well worth every minute…”—Suspense Magazine

Moonlight Weeps is available in trade paperback and ebook formats.

Kindle | Nook

Amazon TP | BN TP | IndieBound TP

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Aug 2014

Latest Matt Chance Thriller by Tom Crowley is Available

MURDERx750Down & Out Books proudly launches the second Matt Chance thriller, MURDER IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE, by Tom Crowley.

Matt Chance is on the run.

Murder, sexual exploitation, designer drugs, international terrorism and an off the rails CIA station chief.

When Matt Chance is asked to look into what first appears to be a simple but brutal crime, he has no idea of the combination of forces which will send him on the run and threaten his life as well as the lives of those closest to him.

A teenaged street boy is found viciously murdered in the most unlikely of places, his nude body laid out on the bare concrete floor of the slaughterhouse where they kill the pigs. The boy was a student at the muay thai school run by Coach Somchai, who is also Matt’s mentor. Afraid the cops may find the killing easy to dismiss as just another meth crazed killing, Coach Somchai calls on Matt to look into the boy’s death.

Matt finds the boy was drawn into a sex service ring whose clients include international terrorists and those who control them. Most troubling of all, the trail leads Matt to a covert CIA operation and one of the most notorious of CIA operatives, a man Matt has clashed with before in Iraq. The operative’s power in Thailand means Matt’s safety is in question. He must run for his life searching outside of Thailand for allies to help counterbalance the threat and solve the murder.

Available as a TP:  Amazon | B&N | IndieBound (coming soon)

Ebook is available for Kindle with other platforms forthcoming.

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Aug 2014

Treacherous : Grifters, Ruffians and Killers by Gary Phillips

Treacherousx750Gary Phillips writes short stories.  He writes a lot of short stories.  With Treacherous : Grifters, Ruffians and Killers, you can have twenty-one of Gary’s stories all in one place!

You may ask, “Didn’t I see this collection in early 2013?”
And I’m gonna say, “Yep, it was from Prefect Crime Books but only available as a TP. Now you can get the eBook version for $4.99.”

Here’s the deal:

  • Twenty-one short stories written by Gary Phillips are included in the eBook edition of Treacherous : Grifters, Ruffians and Killers.
  • The eBook edition includes three stories (“Masai’s Back in Town,” “Black Caesar’s Gold” and “The Calling”) not included in the TP edition and
  • Two stories (“The Thrill is Gone” and “What Shall We Call You?”) were removed.

Alan Cranis on bookgasm.com said, “Phillips obviously loves his anti-heroes, as the stories’ major characters are all, as the subtitle promises, grifters, ruffians and killers. You may not be on their side, but you can’t help but be fascinated by their escapades…Phillips unfaltering ear for contemporary urban dialogue and patois, relentless pacing that grabs you from the opening sentence—oh, and plenty of sex and violence, too.”

Publishers Weekly said of the trade paperback, “Most of the 20 highly entertaining selections in this new collection also spotlight the hip urban scene Phillips has made his own.”

The eBook is exclusively available for the Kindle right now.

For those of you who want the TP, you can find it on Amazon, B&N and IndieBound.



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Aug 2014

The Brooklyn Rules – Going back in the vault

RFC-500x700In that Disney tradition, Reed Farrel Coleman has decided it’s time to put his short story collection, The Brooklyn Rules, back in the vault.  You only have until September 30, 2014 to purchase a copy for your favorite e-reader.  Don’t find yourself saying, “Damn, I shoulda got a copy of Reed’s killer six tales back in the day!”  Six short stories for $2.99…what a great deal from the hard-boiled poet (as per NPR’s Maureen Corrigan) and the author tapped to continue Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone series.  Get your copy today!

Available for: Kindle | Nook

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Jul 2014

First Four Evan Horne Mysteries by Bill Moody Available as eBooks

Bill Moody’s first four Evan Horne mysteries are finally available as eBooks! New York Times says “Bill Moody’s characters have life and soul.”

* * *

Solor Hand_x750


The first is SOLO HAND.  Synopsis:  Evan Horne, once a world class pianist, is now a man with a broken hand and a broken career. When former boss, singer Lonnie Cole, asks him to be intermediary in the payment of blackmail, Horne is unable to resist. But trading money for embarrassing photos turns out to be complicated. Pretty soon the money is gone, but the photos haven’t turned up. Instead, there’s a fresh body on the beach. And Horne is looking more and more like a suspect.

Kindle | Nook


* * *

Death of a Tenor Man_x750


DEATH OF A TENOR MAN is the second Evan Horne mystery. Synopsis: Evan Horne is playing piano at the Fashion Show Mall as he recovers from an injury to his right hand. His old friend Ace Buffington asks him to look for a few answers about the mysterious death of tenor sax player Wardell Gray. Horne doesn’t realize that asking a few questions about this decades old murder can bring a lot of heat, including a confrontation with a mobster.

Kindle | Nook


* * *

The third book is THE SOUND OF THE TRUMPET.
The Sound of the Trumpet_x750Synopsis: On a dark night in Pennsylvania, a jazz legend met his death. But now, in the heat and light of Las Vegas, the sound of Clifford Brown’s soaring trumpet is coming back to life. Because a man named Evan Horne, who knows all about jazz and pain, is unraveling a puzzle that reaches back forty years to Brown’s last hours–and that has already gotten one person killed.

Horne was called to Las Vegas to authenticate some recordings purported to be the lost tapes of Clifford Brown. But when a murder interrupts his listening session, Horne becomes the key player in a dangerous duet. Carrying a worn old trumpet that may have belonged to Clifford Brown himself, Horne is pursuing the truth behind an audiotape that may be worth a fortune, may be a hoax, and may be just one haunting melody in a killer’s murderous obsession…

Kindle | Nook

* * *

BIRD LIVES! is the fourth Evan Horne mystery from Bill Moody.
Bird Lives_x750
Synopsis: For jazz pianist Evan Horne, things couldn’t be better: His hand has healed, he’s getting gigs at some of the southern California clubs, and he’s even been approached about a recording contract. He couldn’t have planned it any better. What he never considered, though, was that a murderer was going to add some startling improvisations…“The dead sax player was someone many in the traditional jazz community wouldn’t miss; he was, after all, just another Kenny G clone, someone capitalizing on an uneducated public’s willingness to support “smooth jazz” while the heirs to the tradition and music of Charlie Parker – “Bird” to the real fans – were starved for work.. “It is immediately clear to Horne that the murderer must have known that Parker was one of the greatest and most influential men to wet a reed. That’s the only reason the words “Bird Lives” were scrawled on the wall above the body, the same words that appeared on walls all over the world after Parker’s death…and that soon appear next to a second corpse. With a tie-in like that, it is no surprise that the cops turn to Evan; he’d helped them before when death stalked the music community. This time, though, helping could cost him his future…and his life.

Kindle | Nook

Praise for Bill Moody’s Evan Horne mystery series

“Evan Horne is a smart, hip investigator of the human soul.” –Michael Connelly

“…entertaining…a breeze to read.” –Chicago Tribune

“For a lively trip into the…world of jazz musicians and murder, there’s no better guide than Bill Moody. Don’t miss DEATH OF A TENOR MAN.” –Tony Hillerman

“Bill Moody’s characters have life and soul.” –New York Times

“These pages sing…Moody mixes real-life jazz legends with his own characters in a solid mystery.” –Publishers Weekly

Bill is hard at work at the next book in the series, tentatively titled SAN QUENTIN BLUE.

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Jun 2014

Crimespree Magazine #56 now available



Reed Farrel Coleman talks about wrapping up his Moe Prager series with Tom Schreck in this issues Cover Feature. Jon Jordan catches up with Max Allan Collins while the Malmon Duo chats with rising star Owen Laukkanen. Tim Hennessy interviews Jake Hinkson and Anthony Neil Smith is grilled by Kent Gowran.

Terry Sanville and L.B. Thomas deliver this issues fiction. Merry Jones, Jenny Milchman and Kristin Belcamino deliver the skinny Behind their Books. Frank De Blase delivers the 4-1-1 about Robert Harrison the publisher of Confidential from the ’50s.

And the usual suspects are included for your enjoyment: Reed Farrel Coleman, Linda Brown, Ayo Onatade and Amy Alessio. Also, Buzzbin, Book Reviews, Crimespree on Comics and Cooking with Crimespree appear as well.

Kindle | Nook

Crimespree Magazine is running a special offer through JULY 5, 2014.  Check it out here.


Subscribe to Crimespree

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Apr 2014

Collected Stories of David Housewright


Down & Out Books proudly announces the release of FULL HOUSE, a collection of ten short stories by Edgar Award Winner David Housewright.

Ten remarkably diverse short stories filled with scheming characters, unexpected twists, and writing that’ll sneak up on you from the Edgar Award winning crime novelist.

“A good short story is like a punch from a prize fighter—it comes at you fast, delivers an impact, and leaves you stunned. There’s no one in our business who does this better than David Housewright. In great story after great story, he proves himself a master of the art of short fiction. This is a collection that should be on every reader’s bookshelf.”
—William Kent Krueger, NY Times Bestselling Author of the Cork O’Connor series

A reformed newspaper reporter and ad man, David Housewright has published 16 crime novels including PENANCE (winner 1996 Edgar Award for Best First Novel from the Mystery Writers of America), and PRACTICE TO DECEIVE, JELLY’S GOLD, and CURSE OF THE JADE LILY—all winners of the Minnesota Book Award. His eleventh Rushmore McKenzie book, THE DEVIL MAY CARE, will be release in June. He was elected President of the Private Eye Writers of America in 2014.

Find David at http://davidhousewright.com/.

FULL HOUSE is available in the following TP and ebook formats (other formats soon): KINDLE | Amazon TP | NOOK | B&N TP

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Apr 2014

Crimespree Magazine – Issue 55

The cover feature this time around is Ben LeRoy and Alison Dasho. They talk about Bleak House, Tyrus Books, Thomas & Mercer and Down & Out Books. Jon Jordan interviews Kathy Reichs, Harry Hunsicker, Jimmy Palmiotti and Nele Neuhaus. Nik Korpon talks with Jed Ayers while Robb Olson speaks to Stephen Graham Jones. Thomas Pluck interrogates Lisa Brackman.

R. Marquez and Michael Washburn deliver this issues fiction. Dick Wolf and Elisabeth Elo deliver the skinny Behind their Books. Frank De Blase delivers the 4-1-1 about his favorite writers.

And the usual suspects are included for your enjoyment: Reed Farrel Coleman, Linda Brown, Craig McDonald and Jeremy Lynch. Also, Buzzbin, Book Reviews, Crimespree on Comics and Cooking with Crimespree appear as well.

Available:  Kindle | Nook


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Feb 2014

Book BOGO from Down & Out Books

CCC SE_FRONT_750  Abramo-500









Down & Out Books is proud to announce the first book BOGO with the combined release of CHASING CHARLIE CHAN and CATCHING WATER IN A NET by award-winning author J. L. ABRAMO.

The special eBook only edition will feature the complete latest novel by Abramo, Chasing Charlie Chan, about which Crimespree Magazine said:  “This is a fresh and modern take on the classic dead partner tale of revenge, and the plot has plenty of forward momentum. It sucks you in and then draws you along, itching to know the whole story. It turns out to be a complicated tale, and a satisfying read.”

Also included in the special edition in its entirety is the first Jake Diamond mystery, Catching Water in a Net, winner of the SMP/PWA Award for Best First Private Eye Novel, and the Jake Diamond short story, One Hit Wonder. Plus samples of the second and third Diamond novels, Clutching at Straws and Counting to Infinity, the stand-alone thriller Gravesend, and a sneak preview of the soon to be released fourth Diamond mystery, Circling the Runway.

The CHASING CHARLIE CHAN Special Edition eBook will list at $4.99, but as a featured title in Amazon’s Kindle Countdown it will be available for 99 cents March 4-5, 2014, $1.99 March 6-7, $2.99 March 7-8 and $3.99 March 9-10.

There may never be a better time to march into the world of Jake Diamond and J. L. Abramo than this March.

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