Apr 2014

Crimespree Magazine – Issue 55

The cover feature this time around is Ben LeRoy and Alison Dasho. They talk about Bleak House, Tyrus Books, Thomas & Mercer and Down & Out Books. Jon Jordan interviews Kathy Reichs, Harry Hunsicker, Jimmy Palmiotti and Nele Neuhaus. Nik Korpon talks with Jed Ayers while Robb Olson speaks to Stephen Graham Jones. Thomas Pluck interrogates Lisa Brackman.

R. Marquez and Michael Washburn deliver this issues fiction. Dick Wolf and Elisabeth Elo deliver the skinny Behind their Books. Frank De Blase delivers the 4-1-1 about his favorite writers.

And the usual suspects are included for your enjoyment: Reed Farrel Coleman, Linda Brown, Craig McDonald and Jeremy Lynch. Also, Buzzbin, Book Reviews, Crimespree on Comics and Cooking with Crimespree appear as well.

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Feb 2014

Book BOGO from Down & Out Books

CCC SE_FRONT_750  Abramo-500









Down & Out Books is proud to announce the first book BOGO with the combined release of CHASING CHARLIE CHAN and CATCHING WATER IN A NET by award-winning author J. L. ABRAMO.

The special eBook only edition will feature the complete latest novel by Abramo, Chasing Charlie Chan, about which Crimespree Magazine said:  “This is a fresh and modern take on the classic dead partner tale of revenge, and the plot has plenty of forward momentum. It sucks you in and then draws you along, itching to know the whole story. It turns out to be a complicated tale, and a satisfying read.”

Also included in the special edition in its entirety is the first Jake Diamond mystery, Catching Water in a Net, winner of the SMP/PWA Award for Best First Private Eye Novel, and the Jake Diamond short story, One Hit Wonder. Plus samples of the second and third Diamond novels, Clutching at Straws and Counting to Infinity, the stand-alone thriller Gravesend, and a sneak preview of the soon to be released fourth Diamond mystery, Circling the Runway.

The CHASING CHARLIE CHAN Special Edition eBook will list at $4.99, but as a featured title in Amazon’s Kindle Countdown it will be available for 99 cents March 4-5, 2014, $1.99 March 6-7, $2.99 March 7-8 and $3.99 March 9-10.

There may never be a better time to march into the world of Jake Diamond and J. L. Abramo than this March.

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Feb 2014

Busted Valentines and Other Dark Delights


Frank De Blase roars back with highly anticipated release of Busted Valentines and Other Dark Delights

Rochester, NY — Down & Out Books once again presents the new voice in crime/noir fiction with the release of Frank De Blase’s second book for the imprint, Busted Valentines and Other Dark Delights.

De Blase describes this collection of short stories as “Thirteen sordid and salacious tales of hustlers, lovers and losers, killers and thrillers carousing in a charade of lust, love, luck, and murder… where shifty, shady types clamor to survive, when no way out seems to be the only way out.”

With his first novel, Pine Box for a Pin-Up, De Blase introduced the world to Frankie Valentine: a likeable wise-cracking pin-up/crime scene photographer who gets mixed up in a series of murders. Valentine is reluctantly forced into solving the caper—set in 1950s Rochester, New York—in order to keep himself out of jail or the morgue.

De Blase is currently hard at work banging out the sequel to Pine Box for a Pin-Up but Down & Out Books wanted to give a little something to the fans of his dark prose to hold them over.

Busted Valentines and Other Dark Delights is already garnering high praise.  Les Edgerton, critically acclaimed author of The Bitch, The Rapist and the forthcoming The Genuine and Imitation, says, “You read stuff like this and the top of your head comes off.  This is pure dark, stark, powerful poetry.”

In Busted Valentines and Other Dark Delights, De Blase’s obliterated, alliterated, hipster jive and story twists seem all the more poignant in the short story format, where consequences are more immediate and cruel. The book introduces a cast of duplicitous, low-down characters who readers love to read about but don’t want to be…or be around. Who wants one of these degenerates staring back at them in a dark alley or the mirror: a musician who takes a wrong turn on the path to salvation, a hit man with a nice streak, a novelist who creates his own deadly reality, a deluded hotel clerk bent on vengeance, a poor sap who gets what he really wants for Christmas, a stripper with angles rivaled only by her curves, and others including two new Frankie Valentine stories.

Each of these characters move in and out of the shadows of a noir-ish hell, which De Blase dishes out with a dash of humor. Perhaps the reader’s nervous laughter makes his tales more palatable; perhaps it makes the author a darker character yet.

Frank De Blase is an award-winning writer, photographer, ex-rockabilly crooner, social contrarian, and all-around troublemaker who always leaves room for desert. His writing and photography has been published in LEG SHOW, LEG WORLD, SWANK, ULTRA, TEMPTRESS, RETRO LOVELY TABOO, OL’ SKOOL RODZ, CAR KULTURE DELUXE, REBEL INK, SKIN AND INK, URBAN INK, V MAGAZINE, DOWNBEAT, and CITY NEWSPAPER. De Blase lives in Rochester, New York with his wife, Deborah.

Busted Valentines and Other Dark Delights is available as a trade paperback and all eBook platforms.

Kindle | Nook

Amazon TP | B&N TP


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Jan 2014

Crimespree Magazine #54

cover02_x750Since most of the country is in a deep freeze, how about picking up the latest issue of Crimespree Magazine to keep you warm?  What if I told you Lawrence Block was the feature article?

Yep, it’s true:  Ruth Jordan delivers a great interview with Lawrence Block.  Dan O’Shea sits down with Dan (and Kate) Malmon and gives the dirt.  Erica Ruth Nuebauer interviews Laurie R. King.  Hilary Davidson responds to a Quick 5 from Jon Jordan while James Rollins is questioned by Elise Cooper.

This month you get a big ol heaping of fiction from Frank De Blase, Patti Abbott and Tim Sweeney.  You also get the first chapter of Alex Segura’s SILENT CITY.

And the usual suspects are included for your enjoyment:  Ayo Onatade, Reed Farrel Coleman, Linda Brown, Craig McDonald and Jeremy Lynch.  Also, Buzzbin, Book Reviews, Crimespree on Comics and Cooking with Crimespree appear as well.



Printed copies are at the printer

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Jan 2014

Jack Getze’s BIG MONEY

The stock broker you love to hate, Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00023]Austin Carr, is back for a second crazy adventure.  What kind of shenanigans will he step into this time?

I’m glad you asked:  THREE WOMEN WANT HIM DEAD!!!

Left in charge of a one-office Jersey Shore investment firm, suspended stockbroker Austin Carr becomes the prize in a war between two crime crews and a powerful state investigator. Trying to stay alive with mobsters, beautiful cops, and a hit-man he calls the creeper chasing him, Carr stumbles into the secret lives of three desperate women. One becomes a victim, one a murderer. And Carr is her next victim…

Kirkus says, “In this jaunty follow-up to BIG NUMBERS, a scruffy stockbroker returns to tangle with mobsters, women and his own big mouth.

“The good news, as the story opens, is that the hero is in the company of a gorgeous naked lady. The bad news is that she’s pointing a shotgun at him. It’s a typical predicament for Austin Carr, a semi-shady New Jersey financial professional temporarily in charge of Shore Securities while his boss is on vacation…

“Carr is continually getting into trouble over his weakness for breasts, his penchant for self-incriminating statements and his vestigial moral sensibility, which, like an appendix, makes itself felt at inconvenient times.

“The way to read this book is to … relax and enjoy Getze’s punchy dialogue and colorful characters–Bluefish’s henchman Max is an especially pungent creation–and his hilarious hangdog protagonist’s dissolute charm.

“If Elmore Leonard had gotten a securities license, this is the book he might have written.”

If you enjoy the book, please post a review.

Available: Kindle | Amazon TP | Nook | BN TP


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Jan 2014

A.C. Frieden Releases Second Thriller in the Jonathan Brooks Series

Cover_The Serpent's Game_750

CHICAGO, IL (Jan. 2, 2014) – The Serpent’s Game, A.C. Frieden’s latest spy thriller in the Jonathan Brooks series, was released in December, 2013.  In his prior globetrotting thriller Tranquility Denied, A.C. Frieden masterfully fused Cold War espionage, tense courtroom drama, a collision at sea, and a frantic search for the truth behind a sinister plot involving some of the world’s most dangerous weapons.  In the new sequel The Serpent’s Game, Frieden returns with his most high-stakes novel to date.  Only hours before Hurricane Katrina barrels down on New Orleans, maritime lawyer Jonathan Brooks faces a tough choice: seek refuge out of town or help Mariya, a figure from his past, locate her missing nephew feared drowned in the Mississippi.  His law firm now on the brink of financial ruin and facing the storm of the century, Jonathan is burdened with responsibility. But Mariya is no friend.  The sultry Russian provocateur saved his life a decade ago but not without dragging him into a world of murder, mayhem and deceit.  As darkness bleeds into the Crescent City, Brooks’ search for the truth behind a body in the river catapults him into an international storm that sweeps into the espionage underworld of Russia, the intelligence centers of Washington, D.C., the politics of North Korea, the waterways of the Panama Canal, the back streets of Havana and the barrios of Caracas—and into the heart of Jonathan’s own darkness.

Frieden’s new thriller is the end result of four years of painstaking research, which included exploring the Panama Canal from the air, water and jungle; braving the crime-infested neighborhoods of Caracas, trekking remote shores of Lake Nicaragua; getting his airman rating to fly seaplanes (for one important scene); interviewing cops who had patrolled the dangerous streets of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina; surveying Havana’s secretive black marketeers; wandering the eerie streets of Pyongyang, North Korea; attending secret meetings with some of Hugo Chavez’s most ardent supporters, as well as his former lover; and chatting with gunrunners, former intelligence officers, diplomats, journalists, military pilots, cargo ship captains, and forensics experts in five countries.  “The research was a fascinating adventure in itself,” Frieden said. “I wanted to dig deeper, ask the tough questions, and experience the danger and thrill firsthand—to make the story and characters as realistic as possible.”

So far, the novel’s reviews have been superb.  Crimespree Magazine calls The Serpent’s Game “an intelligent and intriguing spy thriller.”  Bookreview.com describes it as “some of the best writing about the early hours of Katrina,” and Jamie Freveletti, author of Robert Ludlum’s The Janus Reprisal, calls it “a gritty, complex and satisfying thriller.”  The Serpent’s Game is available in ebook from Down & Out Books and in paperback from Avendia Publishing.

Frieden’s next thriller in the series, The Pyongyang Option, will be released in fall 2014 and is set mainly in Washington, D.C., Kiev, Ukraine, and Pyongyang, North Korea.

A.C. Frieden

(above) Frieden prepares for another training flight to test various emergency scenarios, which were important for him to write a realistic action scene involving a seaplane in his latest thriller.

About the author:  A.C. Frieden is a Swiss-Brazilian-American novelist, lawyer, pilot, diver and former sniper and currently lives in Chicago. He is the author of several espionage novels and other literary works, both fiction and nonfiction. For more information, visit his website at www.acfrieden.com or his blogs on literary research travel, writing, diving and piloting.

To interview the author, visit his official website or send correspondence to:  media@avendiapublishing.com or eric@downandoutbooks.com.

Available: Amazon TP | Kindle | Nook

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Dec 2013

UPON MY SOUL by Robert J. Randisi

COVER_Upon My Soul_x1500

Three years ago, Sangster, a hitman, woke up and discovered he had a soul and decided to retire to New Orleans.

Now, his former life has finally caught up with him.  And they want him back or the alternative is his death.

To truly escape his past, Sangster must decide between saving his soul or eliminating the threat the only way he knows how.


Grandmaster Robert J. Randisi gives you his take on likeable bad-guy.  UPON MY SOUL is reminiscent of Richard Stark’s Parker series and is the first book in the Hit Man with a Soul trilogy.


“Randisi is a masterful writer . . .”  —James W. Hall


“Randisi is a master of the genre. He’s one of the best.”  —Michael Connelly


“A skilled, uncompromising writer, Randisi knows which buttons to press—and how to press them.”  —John Lutz


Available for: Kindle | Nook


Trade Paperback: Amazon TP | B&N TP





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Oct 2013

Crimespree Magazine #53 – eBook Available Now


The latest issues Cover Feature is a great interview with Hank Phillippi Ryan by the newest Crimespree Team member, Erica Ruth Nuebauer.  Russel McLean interviews Caro Ramsey. There’s also a great conversation between Peter Dickson and Sara Paretsky.

J.L. Abramo explains why he resurrected Jimmy Pigeon.  Ayo returns this issue with part 2 of Music in Mysteries while Barry Lancet talks about books and movies that he can’t shake.

And the usual suspects are included for your enjoyment:  Reed Farrel Coleman, Linda Brown, Craig McDonald and Jeremy Lynch.  Also, Buzzbin, Book Reviews, Crimespree on Comics and Cooking with Crimespree appear as well.



Printed copies are at the printer

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Oct 2013

BAD HABITS by Keith Gilman

Down & Out Books announces

the release of Keith Gilman’s collected crime stories


Bad Habits is Noir at its darkest. The stories in this collection put crime under a microscope, its motivation and its consequences. People die. Justice is rarely served. Greed and Lust always in evidence, bleak in its portrayal of human nature.

It addresses the business of life and death by showing men and women pushed to the limits, driven by instinct and emotion. Their schemes fail. They lose in love. They fall into crime. Bad things happen to good people. The hand of Fate always pulling the strings.

The language is often poetic. It is the poetry of the absurd, the poetry of noir, the poetry of the mundane, the poetry of the street. It expresses the banality of life in poetic terms. Beautiful language to describe the ugliness of existence.

Bad Habits contains a varied selection of crime stories but the jewel of the collection is Devil’s Pocket. Originally published in the anthology, Philadelphia Noir, it’s about an ex-cop lost in a world he no longer understands and can no longer control. It has atmosphere and stark imagery. And, of course, there are no happy endings.

About the author: Keith Gilman has been a police officer in the Philadelphia area for close to twenty years and his writing is a reflection of that experience. He believes that cops have important stories to tell, stories that need a strong voice. He is the author of two earlier novels, Father’s Day, winner of the Private Eye Writers of America’s Best First Novel Award and My Brother’s Keeper, the second in a series of detective novels set in Philadelphia. His website | blog.

Kindle | Nook | Amazon TP | B&N TP | IndieBound

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Oct 2013

New Thriller – VIPER’S TAIL by Tom Crowley – Now Availalbe

Pickup the latest from Down & Out Books today. This is the first Matt Chance thriller written by Tom Crowley.

Matt Chance, an ex US Army Ranger living in Bangkok, finds himself drafted into the middle of a deadly plot involving right wing Japanese fanatics intent on punishing China for grievances going back to the end of WW II and the loss of Japan’s preeminent position of global power. What he unravels is not only a threat to China but to the world.

Tom Crowley served as a soldier in the Vietnam War where he was wounded, and decorated for his service. During his tour of duty he developed a deep connection with Asia. When he returned to the U.S.A. he joined the protests against the war. After years of working in various Asian countries he ended up in Bangkok working for an NGO that helps street children and children and adults who are HIV positive. In his spare time he shoots pool. He is also the author of Bangkok Pool Blues, a non-fiction look at the counter culture of the pool world in Bangkok.

Available as eBook: Kindle | Nook

Trade Paperback: Amazon TP | B&N TP | IndiBound

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